The Elk Farm of Sumarokovo

The elk farm of Sumarokovo is a unique natural reserve, which demonstrates the ecologically clean nature of Kostroma region. Nowadays the elk farm of Kostroma is the only permanent producer of elk milk in Russia. Located close to the region centre, it attracts attention of the public, tourists, scientists and businesspeople not only in Russia, but also from abroad.

Since its start, the farm has been the test area for scientific researches in the field of domestication, reproduction and usage of the elk, studying its biology, which is not possible in wild nature.

The farm gives an opportunity to watch elk life in the conditions most closely resembling the natural ones. Here man has managed to tame the forest giants that are not afraid of communicating with guests. Quite the contrary, they take their favourite dainty, carrots, letting people stroke them in return.

Each grown-up elk has a wireless transmitter, so it is easy to find it in the forest.

At the end of spring, it is possible to observe newborn elk cubs that are hand-fed by the caring farm workers.

A visit to the elk farm of Sumarokovo lets you not only enjoy the wild nature, but also try the salubrious elk milk that can cure many illnesses.

T.: (4942) 35-94-33
+7 910 958-01-67